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Install metro rails

Intercity and urban metro lines are a good alternative to public transportation, with the aim of reducing traffic and air pollution.

To operate subway lines, you need your own signs and equipment.

Equipment required for the construction of subway lines
The public perception of subway equipment, wagons and subway rails. If there is a wide range of mechanical and electronic equipment in addition to rails and wagons in the formation of subway lines.

Signaling system
This system includes on-board equipment installed on the train (on-board) and its main task is to control the movement and speed of trains to prevent trains from colliding.

On-line equipment that is installed in the occ building, signaling rooms located in stations and along the main lines and depot, including interaction, intermediary control panels, servers, circuit board, needle machine, signal lights, etc. The trains in different parts of the route are responsible for laying the route and issuing the necessary orders for the trains to move according to the time tables and sending information about the speed limit in different parts of the route for the train.

On the other hand, the control system installed on the train is obliged to receive control information in case of violation of the train driver, and take action by applying commands such as disconnecting the train drive system, activating the service brake and finally activating the emergency brake from any accident. And prevent accidents.

Using this system, while ensuring the safe and reliable movement of trains, access to the headway or a very short time interval for trains can be achieved, which will be 2.5 minutes for the line of an Isfahan city train on the project horizon.

Power grid and methods of transferring electricity to the train
Electricity for city electric trains (metro) is supplied either through the third rail with direct voltage V750 or through the overhead network (OCS) with direct voltage V 1500 or 3000 V. Electricity is injected into the train drive system via train pantographs and ocs contact wires.

To generate V1500 DC power in 7 TPS substations located approximately 3 km apart, 3-wire transformers have been installed whose primary voltage is fed from the 20KV regional power distribution network and their secondary voltage is supplied to 12 rectifiers. The pulse is sent with a voltage of 1270 volts and receives the voltage of V1500 from the rectifiers and connects it to the OCS lines at 14 points and the 14 points of the OCS return lines.

It is provided by dedicated direct current relays and PLCs for the necessary protections for connecting the ground and connecting the rails to the network, and by creating a selective and alternative system, reliable electricity will always be available. Round is possible.

Telecommunication system
Communication and telecommunication services will play a major and significant role in the safe operation operations and the creation of a secure platform for the Data and Voice network of the Isfahan city train. Therefore, in designing the communication infrastructure of Isfahan city train, the following items have been considered:

Coordinates of the route and its stations, depots and stops
Communication needs of different parts of Isfahan city train
Communication needs of Isfahan city train passengers
Urban and passenger train communication needs in emergency situations according to national and international standards
Coordination with other fixed systems and equipment
Coordination with fleet equipment
Providing services to different parts of Isfahan city train such as operation, line, Power Supply signs, electric traction and ...
Providing services to passengers, including the public information system, ticket sales system, and voice and data communication services
Telecommunication subsystems
According to the useful benefits that can be obtained from a suitable telecommunication system, a suitable system for Isfahan city train, which includes the following sections and each has its own application and special position, has been selected:

SDH - Digital Transmission Network (Fiber Optic)
(PBX / PABX) Automatic telephone system
Emergency Telephone System (ETS)
(PA) Public Announcement System (Paging)
(PIS) Passenger Information System
(CLK) Central Clock System
(TRS) Radio Communication Network
(CCTV) TV monitoring system
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
(LAN & MAN) Industrial and office network system
The above-mentioned sub-systems have common points (interfaces) that have been considered in the design stage, and by anticipating the necessary arrangements for their integration, action has been taken to meet the standard needs and even increase the facilities and services.

The necessary platform for communication and transmission of information of other control and telecommunication systems is provided on the channels of fiber optic transmission system:

- Train signaling and control system

- Squad

- Ticket sales system and credit cards

- Facilities and building management system

- fire alarm system

- Traffic control system

Mechanical system and facilities
Includes air conditioning systems, fire extinguishers, elevators, escalators, etc.