About Armaz (Ariya Rail Maz)

Armaz Engineering Company was established in 2011 with the aim of providing engineering and innovative solutions for efficient usage of modern science and technology with focus on the field of signaling and communications in railway industry.
Since beginning, Armaz has achieved significant progress in design and implementation of signaling and communications projects in the railway industry. This has been achieved by relying on engineering and executive abilities of more than 50 diligent, creative, young and professional Iranian personnel who are the most valuable assets of the company.
Our mission is to use the most experienced native experts and cooperation with leading pioneer international companies in the rail communication industry, to achieve the highest rank in knowledge and technology and improve the level of safety in communications industry of Iran's railways.
In fact, we are determined to introduce a new concept of empowerment through time-cost and quality management to our employers.
Today, Armaz has obtained all the prerequisites approvals such as:
Obtaining a certificate of Contracting Competence in the field of Communications, Power, Construction and Facilities.
Obtaining a certificate from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare
Obtaining a certificate of Safety Competence and...
In addition to successful implementations of more than 40 different projects in the field of signaling and communications of the railway industry, it has always held a special place for native and foreign employers, consultants and suppliers. Nowadays, everyone knows Armaz Company as a high quality and committed engineering company.